Nait 3, installing internal boards - where should i cut the link?

Bought a Nait 3. I’m about to install internal phono boards. I’ve found instructions to cut the links. But could any one point them out for me?

Here is a picture from my nait and the place where the phono boards are ment to be installed.

Best regards
Tomas Widerberg

Tomas, the links are the wires that are under where the boards go. Before you cut, I’ll page @NeilS at Naim just to be sure… :wink:

Yes, but before you cut, let’s just wait on @NeilS, just too be safe rather than sorry…

I wait impatiently…
I agree on better safe than

Hi Guys,

Yes, you need to cut those links to convert the RCA inputs from line level to phono. It will sound awful if you don’t. Just the two you indicate. Shielding may also be required…


Edit: just to add for reference. It isn’t necessarily the correct course of action across the whole Naim preamp range. This refers to nait 3 and nac92 only.

any suggestions on how to shield? Is it sufficient to just make sure that they dont touch each other or the new phono boards?

Sorry, just snip the links and bend slightly apart.

The shielding I refer to means mu metal plates stuck to the cover.

These are necessary for MC phono boards I think - Richard is the man for that sort of thing!


Thanks for the advice
Best regards Tomas

Yup, shielding for MCs shouldn’t be necessary on the NAC92, but probably needed for the NAIT3. I’m not sure though whether Naim still supply the mu-metal foils.

My plan is to use/buy MC boards. (Current PU is a MM but i have an MC PU that i want to use)
How do i use the mu-metal foils?
Should I reconsider and use MM boards instead and contiunue using my current PU?

You’re best off not using the Mu-metal shield if possible, however, if you go for NA523K boards, it may be necessary. Main issue is that having a mains transformer so close to the boards can create noise as they have a very high amplification and are otherwise unplugged or shielded for best sound.

IIRC the mu-metal shield is stuck to the lid, but Naim can advise you further on this, and whether they can still supply the kit after so many years.

My MC PU is a AT-OC5 and if i’m correct the phono cards will be the S version.

OK, well then best see how it goes then.

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