Nait 3 tape out issue

Currently have my TT connected to my Nait 3 for recording purposes. According to the Nait 3 manual connections 4 & 5 can be used as an output. Have a Behringer U-CONTROL UCA222 connected to connection 4/5 then connected to my laptop for recording to Audacity via the Behringer USB cable. The Behringer has been set up precisely on my laptop & on Audacity for recording but when i press record on Audacity there is no sound travelling into Audacity.

I decided to try my Rega Elex (old model) to make sure it’s the amp at fault, no issue, sound coming through Audacity no problem, so am i doing something wrong or is the Nait 3 4/5 output stuffed.

Check the wiring of your lead.
Are you connecting to the Output terminals of the relevant input socket…?
(see the diagram on the back of your Nait3)


Are you using a tape interconnect with the play and record pins connected (and usually 2 corresponding pairs of RCA sockets at the other end). If not, that’s what you need.

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I have the TT connected to input 1 & the cable from input 4/5 (i have tried both) into the input on the Behringer. I did this with the Rega amp & it worked fine but getting no sound into Audacity with the Nait 3 from either output.

Is it a tape interconnect you are using or just a normal one?


I have a 5 pin din connection into connection 4 or 5, getting nothing from either, it’s a Kontak Audio 5 Pin Din to 2 RCA Phono Adaptor Connected to a standard 2 rca interconnect. All 5 pins are being used on the output. I have this cable connected to the input of the Behringer & have used these adaptors with the Nait many times with different sources to good effect.

That won’t work. Your adapter will bd for the play pins in the DIN. You need a tape interconnect as per the picture above.

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Why do i need 4 at the one end. The behringer only has the standard 2 rca input.

Two carry signal in, two carry signal out. The RCA plugs carrying the signal out of the NAIT can be seen as connected to different pins on the DIN socket, as per the picture in the earlier post

The NAIT doesn’t “know” you want signal out on a 2 RCA plug cable, and the RCA cable you’re using is certainly wired as a source cable, with connections to the signal in pins, particularly as you’ve used it successfully with different sources in the past. All the source DINs on the NAIT have 5 pins, plain source connections only use 3, those marked “input” on the photo above.

Hope that helps, though reading it back it is a bit of a clumsy explanation!

Edit: the output RCAs would be connected to the input on the Behringer, and the input RCAs to the output, assuming you want the ability to listen to the Behringer too.

I’m not sure if leaving the Behringer disconnected as a source is ok/recommended - something for others to comment on.

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Would you have a link to the cable i need.

If it was me, I would go to a Naim dealer* and ask them to source you a Naim 5 pin DIN to 4 RCA - then you know you’re getting the right part. If that’s not appropriate for any reason then googling for same should bring up options.

*My closest dealer is a 40 min drive away, I recently asked them for a Naim 2RCA to DIN lead, they were happy to oblige, sent it via post, no bother at all. I’m not sure how much the Naim 4RCA to DIN costs, and if that puts you off given the NAIT3 might not be worth too much more than the cable! I had a NAIT3 for years, and used an official Naim 4RCA to DIN with it and a Technics tape deck.

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Links to items for sale are not allowed.
Google this
Custom Lynx – Neutrik – 5 Pin Din Plug to 4 x RCA Phono Plugs

Nice one :slight_smile:

I have connected the 4 way cable to my Nait 3 via the din socket & have tried both din 4 & din 5. I have the 4 connections into the Behringer & played a record, pressed record on Audacity…nothing again, very frustrating.

When i linked my Rega via the standard 2 way cable from the tape out there was no issue, the sound came through Audacity.

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Try swapping the phono plugs around.

Unplug them all and try them, one by one into the input sockets of your adaptor.


BINGO ! Sorted :slight_smile:


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Glad you got it sorted!!

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