Nait 5 doesn't work without flatcap

Been using a Nait 5 with a flatcap for the past year, just went to use it without the flatcap, and it doesn’t power up on its own, fitted link plugs as manual shows, but nothing, dead, no lights. But still works with the flat cap. Did work originally on its own when I bought it first last year.

Have you fitted both the two link plugs connected together with the ribbon as well as the single regular link plug?

Oh no I didn’t fit the middle link plug, thing is the ribbon broke on link plug as I was taking it out, after all that! Darn.

The good news: they are not expensive. I’d talk to the dealer.

You can still use the Nait 5 stand-alone, if you fit the single link plug & use your Snaic 4 between the two sockets where the (broken) flexi-link would normally fit.


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Thanks, sorted now. Just need a link plug with the ribbon!

tomtom i think has them - about £25+

Yeah but why would you even think of ‘going commando’ on a Nait 5?!

(Glad it’s nearly sorted).

Pretty sure its sounding better !

If so, then either the Flatcap was placed directly on top or underneath the NAIT, or a sign of a Flatcap in need of a service…

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Nice amp, isn’t it? The major disadvantage is lack of power, but pair it with efficient loudspeakers and it is possibly the best amp at its price.

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