Nait 5+Flatcap 2 vs NAC-122X+NAP150X : Power and Subwoofer connection


I want to ask and compare between:
Nait 5 + Flatcap 2 compared to NAC-122X + NAP 150X, in terms of:

  1. How much power per channel each (Nait 5 and NAP-150X) ?

  2. If I connect to a subwoofer, which one is more flexible, if I glance at it, the NAC-122X has an RCA connector for the subwoofer out

  3. Which one is more worthy to be collected ?

  4. how is the character of the sound between the two ?

  5. In terms of connectivity, which is better between the two?

thank you

  1. NAIT5 = 30W/channel NAP150X = 50W/channel

  2. NAC122X provides dedicated pre-amp level sub out.

  3. Iā€™m not sure what you mean here

  4. Both sound like Naim should. The NAC122x with NAP150x will take you further ultimately, especially if you add a Flatcap 2x into the mix - a lovely set.

  5. NAC122x is best - provides DIN and RCA Phono and sub out.

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