Nait 5 or Nait XS2

Good evening troops!!
So the Naim bug has got me. I’m looking to get a second Naim system. Seen bits and pieces about, just really wanted some advice on what people have used in the past and what is good.
I’m looking at either a Nait 5 or a Nait XS2. What would be good upgrades for these? Also a Supernait 2 is an interesting possibility.
I’m new to the Naim world, but liking it so far.
Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Simple, the higher you go in the Naim hierarchy the better performance you get. Good luck :+1:


the nait 5 may well need a service which is costly and the XS2/supernait 2 may well not

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All above can be upgraded with separate power supply unit.

If you mean current Nait 5Si, it can’t, only another power cable might be upgrade.

Big savings if you accept second hand amps, as you might since XS2/SN2 are not current range - XS3/SN3 are.
Sometime you can be lucky getting a pre/power s/h for the price of a new integrated.
A friend got a 202/200 for less than a new Nait 5i, imagine his smiling face :grin:

The original Nait 5 was the first of the black boxes replaced Olive stuff, released more than two decades ago.
Hardly a big seller as it lasted few years only before Nait 5i replaced it, entirely different amp.

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Hi Rob. If you’re building a new system, you really need to think about the whole setup. It would not be sensible to spend most of your budget on the amp and then have to compromise it’s performance with a front end of lesser quality.

A ND5XS2 with Nait XS (1, 2, or 3) is a very nice pairing if you’re into streaming.


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Hi guys,

Thanks for the info. I stream, vinyl and cd (in no specific order all are good). I’m leaning more to the Nait XS2 but wondering a good cd option, power supply option for this? Also a phono stage? Streamer?
Just starting my journey in Naim, happy with my Olive series gear, just wanting to get a second system on the go.

Budget and room size?
Do you already have speakers?
Will it be used often or occasionally?

I’d put more budget in to the source, an XS2/3 is a lot of amp (used/ex demo) for not a lot of cash. You can always refine it later with a HiCap DR.

I’d not bother with a 5 Series unless you really are budget constrained, if it’s older versions they’ll need servicing and the upgrade
options are limited.

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Yeah, it’s older but it’s also serviced and paperwork from Naim. But I am leaning towards the Nait XS2. The Hi Cap DR will be purchased afterwards.

I’ve owned all of those over the years, I think you’d be fine with a XS2, a Supernait 2 will give you more of the same and more power but given this is a secondary setup you could split any budget more favourably and allocate more to a source you could grow in to longer term.
An ND5 XS2 would pair well with an XS2/3 for example.


Your starting a Naim journey but already have olive kit…?

The advantage of a Flatcap PSU is it will power up two items, for example a CD5XS and a Stageline phonostage if you want Naim brand label on all ?
Otherwise a Hicap is much more of an upgrade on amp but one output only.

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I started with a NAIT XS 2 with a ND5 XS as a front end with a pair of ProAc D2D speakers. I moved up the line with NDX with a SN 2, then a NDX 2 with the SN 2. …then added power supplies and eventually upgraded to separates to the current system of XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > SuperCap DR > NAC 282 > NAP 250 DR> NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS

…it is a journey so choose a launch point and enjoy the ride!

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Xs2 or sn2. Be aware that there is an xs-2 which is an xs1 in a new frock, Don’t pay xs2 price for an xs-2. The Nait5i is good enough at its price but nothing like the xs2. The xs2 can take a Hicap dr for future improvement.

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I have an Olive system that I inherited. This is the first I will be purchasing myself. So not so weird really.
Part of me would like to carry on with making it truly amazing, but the otherside of me wants to keep it pure, as it was before I had it.
Thanks for the advice :heart:

Rob, thats good to hear, and now don’t sound weird at all. :yum:

Wonder if you have considered a Unitiqute ?
Its a great little thing, sound superb in smaller rooms with matching speakers(I use Rega new Kyte with my UQ), play radio and spotify, apart from screen fade over time its a peach.

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Older kit will require servicing every 10 years or so to maintain performance and prevent (potentially costly) component failure, so even if you don’t plan to refine the system you should budget for servicing.

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Which system is going to be the main system, the one you have, or the one you want to buy? Or both are intended to be main systems!? :slight_smile:

Yeah, factoring in that for later in the year. Think I might use Class A, as Salisbury is too far and really don’t trust couriers. It’s a pity Witch Hat has gone to the wall.

Both will be used. One specific for the upstairs area of my flat and the other for downstairs living room and kitchen.

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That’s pretty much how I’m gonna go with my newer system. I really love the Olive Series and how it looks. They are a thing of beauty. It also has sentimental value to me, so it will be held in it purest form as it was intended.

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I’m a big fan of my XS3. I had a NAIT 3 beforehand, which basically is your inherited pre / power in the same box with link wires between the two boards. I loved my NAIT 3, the XS3 is better, I’d expect the XS2 to be pretty good as well.

I did borrow/demo a NAIT 5i whilst my 3 was being serviced, the 5i was noticeably better than my 3. Which NAIT 5 are you thinking of, the original or the 5i/si?

They’re all good IMO, and 2nd hand XS2s don’t look all that much more than used 5is on eBay etc. The original 5 can definitely be had cheaper, so I guess it comes down to budget.

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