Nait 5 +poweramp

I’ve read many threads here re Naim Fraim issues. I currently have my Nait 5 sitting on top of my Nait poweramp. Am I correct in surmising that this isn’t what I should be doing ? I have got room to separate the two but I’ve never bothered. Advice will be listened to !

You surmise correctly. Never stack the Naim units. Says it in the manuals.


Give them their own shelf or, if on one surface, place them side by side. You should find a noticeable lift in performance.

I think I’m right in saying: if side by side - should it be power amp to the right, with a reasonable gap between them? :thinking:

Thanks guys. I’ll have a shuffle around. I posted a pic of the system on 12/6/20 and nobody thought to point this out !
Clearly nobody noticed.

…this may be a ‘first’ on the forum! Definitely the exception and not the rule since advice is freely given on the forum…

That sounds reasonable, yes. Placing the power amp on the right puts the transformer the furthest away from the pre-amp, which is probably a good idea.


It’s done.
Lots of sweating and swearing, particularly when sorting out the tangle of cables around the back. They weren’t like that when I last saw them…
Anyway - it’s looks nicer.
Sound wise; I can’t tell yet but after 50 years of motorcycling, shooting and loud music I may never be able to tell it’s no longer stacked.
Still my OCD had an outing as I had to measure critically to ensure both units were symmetrical.

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