Nait 5 remote issues

Hi there people.
I’m new on here so a question you may have a heard before.
My Nait 5 remote is not always reliable with the volume inputs. It is reliable with all other input changes. However if I pop the battery cover off and just move the batteries slightly it seems to work. I don’t have to remove them, just rotate or tap them. Any ideas ?


Worth trying a fresh set of batteries…

I hope it works out for you.

I have done that. Problem persists. Seems a battery seating issue to a non tech person like myself.

Yup, sounds like a fresh set of batteries should do the trick here.

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You could try cleaning the contacts in the remote and carefully bending them ever so slightly (be careful here though as you risk snapping the contacts).

Every day is a learning day.
Newish batteries removed and tested. One supposedly new battery very low in power.
All batteries replaced remote works fine. Thanks for the advice.


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