Nait 5 reset?

Good morning
I wish to use the adjustable gain/trim on my Nait 5
It has worked fine in the past but the amp has been disconnected for a while.
I know roughly to do this I know I have to go into Programme mode and then tinker.

I don’t know why but it won’t go into programme mode at all and I can’t change inputs with the remote although I can change the volume and mute it. Tried with 2 remotes…
Do I need to reset the amp and if so how do I do so?

Have you pressed ‘pre’ on the remote?

I’ll go try that later -Thank you!

Its not dark enough to see what the lights are doing really as its the conservatory
From what i can see even after pressing pre the lights go on and off when I press Prog
but when I press tuner to adjust it and the volume control the volume knob turns when in theory it shouldn’t!

Hi sjw,

You need to press & hold prog to enter program mode. The volume knob LED should flash during program mode.


thanks Neil
tried that to no avail …held prog down -light flashed but when I changed the volume with the remote the knob turned when it should have stayed stationary?

Mmm… sounds a bit odd - have you tried replacing the remote batteries?


yes and 2 remotes
it’s worked in the past ok

If you want to try a reset:-
Switch off power.
Disconnect speakers.
Reduce volume knob to minimum.
Press & hold “mute” on front panel while switching on power.
Reconnect speakers.


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