Nait 5 volume knob removal

Hi all,

Is there a quick & easy way to remove the outer plastic volume knob on my Nait 5 without stripping down the unit.

The issue is this. I received the amp from Ebay (Acoustica) & when moving the volume around the dial, the sound only begins to kick in just before 9 o clock, at this point the output is very low & having owned one of these in the past, i know this is wrong. Acoustica suggested removing the volume knob to sort it.

I have reset the amp so it is as when manufactured.


If it’s the same as my Nait 5… the volume knob is on a splined shaft and just pulls off.

It should pull off but be careful of the LED wire dressing.

Remember that the original NAIT 5 used an encoder and resistor ladder network, and so the volume control response is rather different to the units with regular ALPS pots.

The volume control on the Nait 5 is programmable/adjustable for each input – a very nice feature. Before you remove the volume knob, I recommend making sure that the gain hasn’t been “programmed down” for the input you’re using.

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