Nait 50 or SN3 for Spendor A4?

I ordered my first Naim system with a SN3 and Hicap DR. It will be driving Spendor A4’s . Now I am having second thoughts. Will the SN3 be a better match to the A4 speakers than a Nait50?

On a secondary issue I am concerned the Nait 50 will not give me enough inputs. I will be playing LP’s, CD’s (CD5si) and perhaps eventually cassettes from an old cassette player.

Should I stick with the SN3?

Sn3 was great with the a4 when I listened to them at my dealer. When I asked two of the staff recently about the nait 50 they said they personally still preferred the sn3.

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@dmu thanks.

I have an SN2 with a Hicap DR, but am running with a pair of Spendor A9’s.
It was already a match made in heaven when running with an XS 2 and Flatcap XS. But the change to SN2 and Hicap DR was a complete deal changer. I’m shure an SN3 and Hicap DR will be a good match for your A4’s. I actually have had a friends A6’s at my house to listen to a couple of weeks ago. They are not even on the same planet as the A9’s to be honest.
In my opinion an SN3 or SN2 deserves much better speakers than the A4’s…you will come to realise that probably quite quickly.

I had A4’s with a Nova, I think they’re the sweet spot in the A range, now have a SN3 but with 3/1’s, I suspect A4/SN3 will be just fine, they’re a pretty capable speaker and I don’t really believe the Nait 50 would be better.

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@Hollow thanks

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