Nait 5i-2 front LED issue?

I’ve had my 5i-2 now for nearly 10 years in nov this year and i’ve been more than happy with it as it’s performed flawlessly. However i tried changing the front led to the av input for my freesat player and nothing happened and no other input could be selected. So the only input now working is the cd input which works perfectly as normally. The sound and everything else is as normal apart from being unable to select another input.
Is there anything i can do to resolve the issue before i ring my local naim dealer as i’d much rather solve the problem locally before thinking about taking the amp to the local dealer?
I do not want to open the amp myself for fear of making things worse.
In any case when is a service required on my amp after 10 or 15 years? In case of 10 years i could service and repair the issue at the same time so killing two birds with a small stone!
Thankyou for your help!

I’d get it booked in for a service, 10 years is about right anyway.

I take it you’ve tried powering the Nait off, leaving it for a few minutes and then powering it back on again to see if that clears the issue ?

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On your remote try pressing pre button and disp button normally resets remote,

I’ve just tried this an hey presto all the different leds can now be changed. Thanks for the suggestion!

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