Nait 5i Mk2 Upgrade

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I am quite sure this has been previously covered but I can’t find the topic anywhere. So, before I splash the cash some advice would be greatly appreciated.
I am currently running a Rega RP6 with Ania cart through a Rega Aria and Nait 5i Mk 2. I am considering upgrading to a Nait XS 2 but am unsure as to whether my SCM7’s would appreciate the upgrade or not. Price wise, everything in my system is on a level playing field so I would like to know if a more expensive and better integrated amp would unbalance the system or would it squeeze every last drop of quality out of the speakers? Over to you guys.

No it won’t be unbalanced in my opinion, the xs I think is far better suited to your source and speakers.

I’d be looking for a nice used Supernait 2. It would be a good match.

Thanks robert_h. So you think the speakers will be able to get the most out of the XS 2 without having to upgrade the speakers?

Nice thought. Bit out of my price range unfortunately.

I think the xs2 with those atc will be a good match. The extra grip and control of the xs should easily show itself over the 5 amp.

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Perhaps not necessarily. You can find them for about £1,600.

I’ve seen good spanking A stock XS 3 going for £1,899 :flushed:

But the XS 3 has a phono stage which I don’t need so I feel as though I would get more bang for my buck with the 2? I could be wrong.

Certainly if you’re not needing a phono stage then a XS 2 may make more financial sense for sure. Of late there have been some new old stock units for sale, as good as brand new and with up to date current serial numbers, at substantial discount prices and with full warranties.

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For what it worth I ran an XS2 into a pair of SCM19s mk1 before… now yes that combo was slightly underpowered, but the XS2 did provide an enjoyable albeit slightly soft presentation into the 19s with a good drive and swing.
I think a pair of mk2 SCM 7s fed by an XS2 would therefore be a great and better match, and provide a wonderful small speaker system.

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Listening to you guys I think I’ve made my mind up. Where’s the best place to look to find new old stock?

Have a chat with your local Naim dealer, see what they can do for you.

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So, after taking all of the comments on board and to assist others who may be in a similar situation, I took the plunge and bought a second hand XS 2. Oh my word, what a difference. It really does fit well in the system I have and gets so much more out of the individual components. Very pleased and thanks to all for your advice. Speaker cable upgrade next.


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