Nait 5i Problem. Help!

My beloved Nait 5i Amp has been partnered with the same CD 5i for a good 10yrs now without any problems.

The CD 5i recently went back to Naim for a minor issue. While it was away I tried my 2 other CD 5i’s through the said Nait 5i but could not get the CD players to work with it. When the original CD 5i was returned from Naim this would not work through the amp either.

My dealer suggested that the amp was fine and I just needed to re - programme it but I have tried many times (as suggested in the manual) but I’m completely at a loss. All 3 CD players are fine and play through an old Nait 2 without issue.

The Nait 5i plays an ipod fine but for the life of me I can’t get the CD to play through it.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Have you tried switching the output between DIN and RCA?

using the remote control, set to the CD softkey, press and hold DISP. You should then be presented on the display a character to show which output is currently selected - O fro DIN or oo for RCA Phono. By toggling the DISP button, you can select between them, and you can also select both O and oo at the same time, but it’s not recommended for best performance. Then press and hold the DISP key to exit.

Thanks for the quick reply Richard. I’ve tried every combination of what you suggested as per the manual but still nothing. I’m sure it’s something very simple but I can’t for the life of me work out what it might be. The only thing that plays through the amp at the moment is an ipod. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

The comment that “all 3 CD players are fine and play through an old Nait 2 without issue” indicates something in the Nait 5 has failed, probably not too serious & a single component or connection.

But a double check ----
Have you tried a different input such as Tuner
Have you tried a different cable - DIN or RCA pair

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Hi juju,

Do you mean an iPod through the front 3.5mm jack?


Is the 3.5mm jack still connected when you try the CD players?

Yes Neil. That works OK. I only play the CD or the ipod through it so I can’t test it with any other component.

No, I do take that out but it makes no difference.

Hi Mike, I’ve tried a different DIN cable and tried it through the tuner input, both without luck.

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I have seen a small number of these where a transistor in the front input detect circuit fails, leading to the unit being “stuck” on the front input regardless of whether there is a jack plug connected or not.

It sounds like this may well be the issue.


Thank you Neil

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