Nait 5i started buzzing

As in the title, my bedroom 5i began turning on with a bigger thump than normal about two weeks ago. I swap Kef Coda III and Focal Chora 806 speakers and thought it was just the Kef’s being fussy as I swapped them in for a few weeks.
Fed by the Bluesound Node2i there is a noticeable hum or buzz which has crept up over the last two or three days and is clearly audible in quiet passages.
Taken the parts downstairs, tried it through the IsoTek Aquarius, still buzz. Fed with the Altair, still buzz. Fed the PMC’s and tried from a kitchen socket, still buzz.
It is the amp.
Will Tom Tom be able to return it to its silent state?
Will it die?

It’s possible the noise is caused by poor mains power quality, and thus may be caused by a noisy device in your own home, or elsewhere.
You can trace any issue caused by a device in yoyr home by turning off everything except the hifi. If the hum stops, gradually turn everything back on, one item at a time until the culprit is identified. Central heating pumps, fridges and cheap wall wart PSUs have been known to do this for example.
If there’s an issue outside your home it’s not so easy. The problem could be in a near neighbours house, or on the actual mains supply.
Worth discussing this with your dealer too. You may be able to try your amp in their demo room, or perhaps they have a demo Nait you could borrow to see if the problem persists.

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Nodes are known to buzz with Naim amps.
Google the problem. The node is isolated and not earthed.
The issue is with the node I feel.

Do you mean a humming transformer (i.e. mechanical hum from within) or a buzz through the speakers?

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Good point, but the OP said he tried an (Auralic?) Altair. This has a 3 pin IEC mains lead, so I would expect it to be properly grounded unlike the Node.


Background buzz through the speaker. It was not there a week ago.
It’s not the Node, it’s not the speakers, all four sets of speakers make the same noise.
Time to replace it I think.

Ok thanks. How old is it? Might be in need of a service.

I think it is 2006. It probably does need a service, but I’m not patient enough to wait a few weeks😀. Just spoke to Tom Tom, I will be trading it in for a much newer XS. Upgrade!


Note to self - ‘don’t buy a used Nait 5i from Tom Tom for a few weeks’ :joy: :joy:


:joy:, they are going to service it!

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I had the same problem with the same equipment. What I did was get an old single ended rca cable. One end go’s in one of the the node2-I output ( I used the coax) and on the other end got a used main plug. What you do is connect the cable on the ground contact of the main plug( only the ground contact!) and plug it in the powerstrip. Fixed it right away, no more humming. Good luck :+1:

Ah, sorry missed that bit. However, is the Node still connected when the Altair is selected as source? If so, could still be a problem Node wise.

Yes, this is the best way to deal with the unearthed Nodes.

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Yes, perhaps, but remember that a Naim system should be grounded through only one source. Easily done in an all Naim system, but possibly a bit of a minefield when you mix brands.

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