Nait 5si Buzz through speakers

I recently sold my Nait 5si on eBay to a ‘new to hifi’ buyer and he requested a return due to the amp making a buzzing sound through his speakers. This was really disappointing as, to my knowledge, the amp never did this when I had it. The eBay buyer protection guarantee meant that I had to accept the return and pay for postage too. I have just received the amp back and have hooked it up and sure enough, when you turn the amp right up you can her a little buzzing. Thing is, I have never turned the amp up this much before so It may have done this all along and I just didn’t realise as I only ever use the first quarter of the dial. You cannot hear the buzz at any volume that would be used for music playback.
Can I ask any 5si owners to crank their volumes up and see if they have a buzz. Not with audio playing of course.
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Buzzing or hissing


To me, it sounds like what could only be described as amplified transformer hum, but I don’t have any audible transformer hum when I press my ear to the case.

That’s unfortunate, but with eBay being heavily biased in favour of buyers in most disputes I guess you just have to suck it up. Perhaps his speakers were more sensitive than yours.

Yeah, it’s ok. I am happy to keep it anyway. I just want to know if it’s normal because if it isn’t then it’s still in warranty.

I’ve never had an audible buzz through the speakers with any amp I’ve owned, just a faint hiss. Perhaps the buyer had mains quality or interference issues that caused the Naim amp to buzz where other makes probably wouldn’t.

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Some Naim amps do have transformer buzz, When I had my 5SI (bought on eBay) it buzzed all the time until I got a DC blocker.
It could be your buyer has more DC on their mains than you do?
As for buzzing at full or nearly full volume who has it up full anyway? You’d have to have incredibly insensitive speakers in a massive room to want to go past 12 o’clock. My speakers are 83db and I rarely if ever go past 9 o’clock in my small room.

This buzz is through the speakers not a mechanical buzz, so it’s not a DC offset issue.
A blocker will have limited benefit.

But I am assuming it’s not normal? It’s quite quiet but can be heard near full volume. It’s still in warranty. Is this something I should be sending it away for?

i just removed the Grounding wire from my 220 wall socket that supplies all my system. Just be sure to unplug during thunderstorm

And be prepared to pay for the burned-down house if there is ever a fault in any of the units. Otherwise it’s a fine choice.

of course :slight_smile:

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