Nait 5si + CD 5si

Hi everyone,

I want to open discussion about system that I have. I would like to clarify differences between si vs xs series regarding room size and source material (riped cds and higher).
Following that I would like go further and discover difference in series of Naim like dac v1/nap100 in that price range.
In naim hierarchy, separates are put higher than unity range so I wonder is my understanding correct since there is so much witnesses hat unity sounds often better than si range?
I was urged to start this topic since I got a feeling that there is a certain underestimation regarding cd sound and particular amplifier and the cd device. I, on the other hand didn’t go in the continous upgrade before I exceed all the potential of my separtes and I gladly would like to say that I still find a way to imrpove the sound in speaker placement, interaction with the room and finaly the ac plug, and device placement. All of that made significant change (not always improvement). That brought me to one more issue. I saw that many people don’t care about positioning of speakers and my experience tells me that you can get good sound but not hifi music in that way. I don’t see the point of continuous upgrading while base requiremnts are not satisified.
So please leave your comments and experiences in constructive instead competitive manner.

Thank you in advance.

Welcome Strah. We are breathlessly listening.

You have a good nickname, one of my favorite whiskeys. Take a breath and tell your experinece and pour it with a Islay gold.
My point is that integrated needs space and unity is home friendly and multiroom. What do you think?

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Strah, you have written many interesting things in your first post. Personally I am on a hifi journey which I enjoy. I have not found my destination yet but I truly enjoy all my simple systems for what they are. I discovered end of last year the Naim Sbls, loudspeakers which go against the wall. Since they go to the wall, I had no issues positioning loudspeakers anymore. I found the loudspeaker - room interaction a very important thing. I know the weaknesses in my sbl based system and will work on it.

I also love my integrated Supernait. The benefit of an integrated amp and a cd player is that not much things can go wrong and it probably sounds better than a badly setup separates system.

I’m on the journey as well. I enjoy very much in every incremental step forward. I’m in audio for very long I have passed many dissapointing moments and ssveral tomes I quit with hifi. Why? Because I was an amteur who thought that upgrade can solve everything. It didn’t.

Then I discovered Naim. Naim has most of of the important aspects of the sound that music is consist of. So my point is that many of naim devotees are impressed by sound. I want to say that there is a stwp further.
My dealer believes in Unity range. Although it is awesone I found my si range overall better. It doesn’t impress at first but three days ago I listen RHCP and I heard a drum like never before. I think that Unity could never reproduce the drum like that. It is too polite.
SBL I haven’t heard although there is sh at offer and something like Naim Allea(not sure)
I tested at least 15 speakers and I found Focal, Proac, Dynadio only that have synergy. Focal Aria and Chorus(which was better than Aria in my home demo), Proac Tablette Anniversary and Dynaudio Special 40. Unfortunately I didn’t have an opportunity to listen Neat, but Kudos I had.
Kudos x3, dynaudio excite x12, x14, x32, x18. Shahinian (I forgot which), ryan audio r610, dali, kef, bowers (cm1 s2 was excellent but it took much space behind the wall, new 706 was excellent as well)…and so on.
So my point is that synergy and the room are the first step after buying equipment. Than surface and ac wall plugs.
Nac a5 are necessery!

I really enjoy music like never before and I don’t think of upgrade except powerline.

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