NAIT 5si hum

Hi all. I have a persistent low level hum coming from the chassis of the 5si. It’s present even with all other sockets switched off/sources unplugged. The only source plugged in to the 5si is a DAC which is fed by the optical output from my computer.

The amp is in my office and the noise is slowly driving me mad. Any advise gratefully sought.

Have you read the thread in Hi Fi Corner all about transformer hum etc.

My original CD5 has an audible hum coming from the box but does not invade the signal to the amp and onward to the speakers. I just live with it it’s not loud enough to be heard when listening to music.

I did wonder if there would be any difference when using a flatcap XS to partly power the CD5 but it made no noticeable difference.

I had not read that so I just did. Thank you for sharing. I don’t have the means to measure my sockets nor will I be adding a dedicated hi-fi circuit but I will probably think about taking the amp to a dealer to see if it can be replicated.

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If the humis coming from the chassis and not through the speakers then a dc blocker is likely to help.

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