Nait 5si - what does HDD output do?

Hi all,

As my first post in these forums, I have a question in regards to the HDD output that is found on the Nait 5si integrated amplifier.

In essence, does HDD output:

  1. Send out a fixed level signal from the currently selected input (CD, Tuner, etc…)? This would be close to the traditional record out function.
  2. Only send out the signal fed in through the HDD input? In other words, HDD output is simply a replica of the HDD input.
  3. Something else?

My hope is that it is the option 1, as I would like to be able to listen to any input (my main ones are Tidal streamer and a DAB+ tuner), through both my main speakers as well as the outside speakers (driven by a separate amp with its own volume control).

It’s 1. From the manual:

14.4 hdd Output

The Nait 5si hdd input has an associated output that enable the selected input signal to be routed externally; to an audio recording component for example.

Note: The hdd output remains active regardless of which input is selected. Take care that a feedback loop is not inadvertently created by the simultaneous selection of input and output. The hdd output will be silenced when the mute is engaged.

In all honesty, I posted my question after reading that manual excerpt dozen times and still not being sure what it actually meant. It sounded to me like it was confirming the option 1 from my list, but I was still confused what the manual tried to say with “hdd input has an associated output”. If it was option 1, I do not see any association between hdd input and hdd output.

I was hoping somebody would be using hdd output on the 5si and could confirm what it actually did.

It just means that HDD has both input and output capability, so you can use it with a recorder. However I guess because there’s no buffered tape monitor you need to be careful if you select HDD as both input and output at the same time.

As fo your needs, it should serve the purpose but be careful with running very long interconnects as these may need to be slugged to prevent instability.

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Thanks Richard, that sounds very encouraging. My interconnects will not be long at all as the 5si will be physically adjacent to the other amplifier powering the outside speakers.

Not heard of this before @Richard.Dane, what does it mean? I’m running a 5 metre I/C made up by Flashback from a Nait5i to a headphone amp and you have me wondering now if this is OK.

Steve, these outputs were never designed to drive long i/cs. Maybe the 5i/5Si is different here as there’s no “pre-amp” as such. I’m sure Naim could advise.

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