Nait mini system build

Inspired by an image posted by Richard, i am in the process of building a Nait mini system inspired by the 80’s original below

Nait blaster1

Initial thoughts were the original looked to be built from foam sheets siliconed together? To improve on this, I have used 16mm black solid phenolic resin for the build. This gives a solid base for the components, the unit weighs around 5kg unloaded and also I can cut slots etc into the panels with a router.

In regards to the design, I thought it would be better to make it more universal by sizing the bottom section to take both tapes and CD’s. This larger size would also be handy if 2 shoe box size components are being used.

I have also routed a slot down the side the help with cooling and also act as a hand hold for moving the unit around.

In regards to the audio components, I will be using my Nait 2 as I don’t have a 1 and also unfortunately neither do I have a Sony WM-D6C. Looking at the prices for a good one of these, it might need a bit of saving to get this.
In its place I have a selection of Half size Sony components including the PS-Q3 half size TT.

Finally the speakers, I have sourced a pair of MK1 diamonds which should be with me soon.

below is the first prototype, any thoughts, comments on how to improve for the next one would be greatly appreciated.


Do you consider adding a streamer to it? Does the cd player have a digital in connection?

Thanks for the reply, the CD players I have in this size don’t have a digital in

But I could add a Raspberry PI streamer in the space behind the tapes.

Cabling is going to have to be carefully looked at with all these components a


Love this dedication, take a bow.

Could you find room for a NAT-02? That would be the notional cherry on top!


Like the thinking but the budget for this build is limited!

The original photo appears a little tongue in cheek, is heat dissipation going to be a thing?

I’m loving the little Sony turntable!


This is just the best thing ever. :grinning:. An obvious iteration would be a level for each source (TT, Tape, CD) for the ultimate stack with Pi behind the media. Maybe even a graphic equaliser?

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Very cute

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Now I know what rack to go with my unitiqute.

I’d also like one of these; it’s a music box, and yes the turntable rotates.


Ah The Cornflake shop ‘portable’ system. IIRC, it came with it’s own flight case and the ‘stand’ was assembled from the packing pieces.

Great work anyway and a neat little project :+1:

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Thanks for the reply, this CD player is a front loader which is pretty slimline, could fit neatly into the MK2 version….


Wonderful! I love the half-size pieces of equipment, they just have that certain je ne sais quoi about them. The old Naim stuff is so full of character.

Why not build some little isolation platforms with spikes/ bearings/ whatever? Never seen half size ones.

IIRC @Jono-13 used to run a half width (Tangent ?) CD player recased into a CB chassis which would be a neat addition to this little setup. I think it was in a classic CB system setup along with a NAT 101 and Kans.

I have posted elsewhere on the Forum that I am about to do something similar, making a compact bedroom system to replace a Tivoli ModelTwo system, which will be relegated to the kitchen.

It will comprise an n-Vi, a Nait 2, a NAT-02 and a pair of cherrywood Kestrel LS3/5As, which James at TomTom has ordered for me. I had considered making a 1970s-style cherrywood cabinet or case, but wiser heads have warned against this - concerns about heat dissipation.

We shall see.

I remember this, but it’s not mine. I can’t think who’s it was, but it did look very good.


Ah sorry Jono. I thought it was yours. I’ll have to have a dig back through the system pics threads.

Edit - Found it @Faux75


It is a Tangent player from Richer Sounds in a copycat housing, but very nicely done.


I have the Tangent, just need a housing…it would look good with the Nait 1 :thinking: