Nait Super review


Thanks for sharing this. I’ve just got the SN2 and NDX2, so totally relate to this review.


Same here, well once the NDX2 arrives. Cannot remember if I asked you before, but what speakers are you driving ?? I was looking at the PMC25-23

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Totem Forest Signatures.


Thanks for sharing the review @T38.45 :slight_smile:

I found this opening statement quite interesting, and certainly the last sentence echoes back to the (blessed) simplicity of my early systems. After all the years of box swapping, this approach now appeals the most really - good source and competent amp feeds boom boxes of choice. I’ve heard the SN2 a few times now and it really is a superb amp and think it’s one of the current gems (sweet spot perhaps) in the Naim amplifier line up.

“When I interviewed Naim designer Steve Sells a few years back I asked which amplifier he used at home, he said the Supernait. It’s perhaps surprising that the man who developed the Statement, Naim’s most ambitious amplifier ever, uses one of the more modest models for his listening pleasure, but there’s nothing like a good integrated for forgetting the hardware and enjoying the music


And he uses a NDX2 with it


Good amp.

I’ll have to try one eventually as it always seemed like the amp I would like to end up when I’ve finished all this box swapping nonsense. Decent record player and a stress free plug and play streaming solution, full range speakers job done.


When The-Ear reviewed the PMC Cor they gave it a Best Buy rating. The SN2 received five stars.
Anybody auditioned both for comparison?

Naim should be very happy with that.

Thanks for sharing the link.

Indeed, thanks for the link!
One day, when funds allow I’ll drag my Nait XS2 to a dealer and hear the difference. I’ve read the SN has a different, ‘meatier’ presentation…
Always fancied a Supernait, but very happy meanwhile with the XS2.

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