Nait XS 1 preamp section compared to Nait XS s and XS3

Out of curiosity, can you tell me if the preamplifier section of the Nait XS1 uses an LM 317 voltage regulator?
In the photos from the internet, the new Nait XS 2 and XS3 do not show an LM 317 regulator.
Is the preamplifier section “DR” or something else?
Thank you

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Welcome Michae.

No version of the Nait XS contains DR. If Naim offered it, it would sabotage their ‘big boy’ sales!

That is the best I can do with your questions. Enjoy your music.


Thank you Christopher.
Is it then an LM 317 voltage regulator in the Nait XS1 that does the job?

That’s a question for someone else!

Probably one for @NeilS, if he’s on the forum at all over the weekend.

From hifi choice review of nait xs3: however I’m not sure that’s accurate, it could be a copy /paste from the sn3.

All of the XS range integrated amps use a TO220 package LM317, it’s hidden away on the rear end of the main heatsink.



Thanks for clarifying Neil.

Thanks Neil and good week-end,
Best regards

FWIW i had a NAIT XS 2 and upgraded it with a HiCap DR and i was really pleased with the results. I felt that the DR module(s) as well as the stiffer supply brought extra clarity to the pre-amp stage.

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