Nait XS 2 advice

I have just purchased an XS 2. On using the remote control, with display chosen, when changing the volume on the remote should there be an illuminated indicator on the volume knob on the amplifier. On my old Nait XS there was.
Thanks for any input.

Display on remote toggles volume led and input illumination. With display dimmed that includes the volume led.

If you have the input illumination off because you pressed the display button then the lights turn off after a few seconds. When they are off and you use the remote to change volume, then the indicator on the volume knob lights up as well as the input button. Thats how mine works anyway.

Some will say it sounds better with the leds off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I did enable the lights off feature, my jaw dropped at the blackness of it all. :wink:

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Ok. It works like this but I keep the LEDs off …

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