Nait XS 2 Discovery. Am I in Nirvana or is it psychological?

Dear Forum Music Friends,

Two nights ago, by accident, I replaced the batteries in my Naim remote control, thinking it was defective. I actually was using the wrong controller at the time. This resulted in my realizing that I had two different remotes. One for the CD5XS and the other for the Nait XS2. I previously believed that I had two of the same and used only one remote for both the CD player and the Nait amplifier.

The discovery came when I placed an Lp down on top of the XS2 remote controller and retired for the night. Only to find the next day that amplifier was not lit up except for the Naim logo in the center.

I have always played with my CD player not illuminating the track in play and the play light unlit, as well as this is stated as improving the sound or not adding noise to the music being played.

Thus I have now done the same to the amplifier by mistake and find myself in an even darker room with the lights turned down listening to Pink Floyd and the Eagles in more bliss if that is possible.

I post this in case there are other integrated amplifier owners out there that not be aware of this feature.

Am I being lulled into a more musical experience by the subdued lighting of the amplifier and CD player, or am I genuinely experiencing XS2 for new with my 60-year-old ears? Mystified.

More pleasure testing is required.

Warm regards,

Mitch in Oz.

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There’s a lot to psychoacoustics…

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Thank you for your reply which I had to Google the term and have learned a little more.

Thank you,

Mitch in Oz.

Listening happens in the head and there’s lots of evidence that the senses “interfere” with each other in our brains. So I’m firmly of the opinion that what we hear can be affected by visual stimuli and other mental processes.

Should this detract from our musical enjoyment? Absolutely not, in my view, indeed I’d advocate the opposite. If listening with subdued lighting makes the music sound better, then the music really is better. Keep those lights low and continue getting that extra musical pleasure.


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I have a suspicion that this has been known about and is why Naim built it in

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