Nait xs-2 fuse replacement

Accidentally had both naim sx2 amp serial# 402077 and Flatcap sx power supply serial# 387570 plugged into the wall while connected together.
Presume blown fuse.
Found extra sx2 supplied fuses.
Cannot locate fuse replacement location.

If you are powering a Nait XS2 with a Flatcap, both need to be connected to the mains. Are you using both a Snaic 5 and a Snaic 4, connected as shown in the manual?

Yes, connected as shown in manual with the Snaic 4 and 5.

You said they were ‘accidentally both connected’ to the mains, but that is what you should do.

If you turn them both on, do they both light up? It’s hard to understand exactly what the problem is.

The fuse holder is next to where the mains lead plugs in. Make sure you insert the replacement the same way around as the original. There should be a replacement in the holder.

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Both fuses in the holder next to the power supply connection on the xs2 look normal.
I presume they are extra fuses supplied by Naim.
I do not know where to find the actual I installed fuse location.

The xs2 no longer lights up, the Flatcap does light up.

I suggest you disconnect the Flatcap (turn both boxes off first) and replace the link plug. Then turn on the Nait. If it doesn’t work, turn it off, remove the fuse holder and replace the fuse with the spare. See if it then works.

What about when the FC is disconnected and the linking plug is reinstalled in the Nait XS2? Will the XS2 light up then?

Fixed. Took fuse out, put back in and all works.

Thank you for the input. Very useful.
Wonderful sound but even full volume it’s a little lower than I enjoy once in a while.
I have Focal Sopra 1 speakers.

Volume is limited with the turntable.

Volume problem solved.
I connected a Jolida JD9 11 tube preamp I had in the house and BOOM.
Volume way up.
Did this after finding that streaming, CD or DVD had lots of volume, only the turntable lacked volume.
So an external phono preamp is recommended for the Nait sx2 amplifire.
The sound is very very good now.

My Nait xs-2 replaced a McIntosh 252 amplifier.
The 252 was nothing but trouble. Two units, 3 repairs then gave up and got my money back.
Sound does not compare with the detail and soundstage the xs2 has.
I don’t know why but through the the McIntosh reputation for quality out the window.

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