NAIT XS 2 HDD RCA input for iPod

Hi, I have a NAIT XS 2. I usually connect the CD player and the turntable (via the pre-phono) to the CD and AUX-1 RCA inputs, respectively. Now I would like to connect an iPod by means of a simple 3.5mm jack-RCA cable (I have to buy a decent DAC). I am wondering if I can use the XS 2 “HDD” RCA input. I read on the user manual that: “The AV and HDD outputs remain active while their corresponding inputs are selected. Take care that a feedback loop is not inadvertently created by the simultaneous selection of input and output.” I am not sure if this warning refers only to the XLR connection or also to the RCA one and how to handle this. Just a note, I do use the remote (I have it, simply I like the Naim “touch”) --I do not know if this could be an issue. Any suggestions/comments are welcome!

Any could be used as an input. Just be sure that you don’t play into the REC out pins…

In your case, there’s no concern. The din sockets for av and hdd are play and record so its theoretically possible to create a feedback loop. If you are using the rca sockets or the play/in side of a 5 pin din (ie not connecting the rec) then this cant occur.

Hi, thanks @robert_h and @Richard.Dane for your comments!

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