Nait XS-2 humming, help or advice please

Shame as it’s a peach


Stick with it Charles - it’s an excellent amp and now the hum problem has been fixed (not a fault of the amp), you should have no more issues.



Naim amps are generally very reliable, and further to that, if anything were to go wrong they have an excellent service department (not always true of all manufacturers). Indeed they can rebuild amps made 40 years ago to function as well as they did when they were new (and in some cases actually better than when they were new).

The hum you were experiencing wasn’t a fault with the Naim amp, rather a simple system configuration error; easily solved by asking the question here!

If you like the sound of the XS 2 (and I did when I used one), why not keep it and not risk have the same sort of hassle if the replacement amp has a different compatibility issue. The Naim amp should remain reliable even in the longer term, most Naim amps do.


To all who replied with sensible, constructive comments, the XS2 stayed with the earthing issue resolved. I listened to an Arcam A29 (which was poor) and an A19, which I really like, that I have in a second system. The Naim wins hands down. So thanks to all who helped.


Good news Charles

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