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Nait XS 2. I have a high end blu ray player with dedicated audio out 2 x RCA. I have a Chord cable for this 2 x rca > 5 pin din. I only have the HDD and AV din input free on the XS 2.

Since the HDD and AV din inputs also carry a parallel output, I wonder if those inputs via the din are equivalent to e.g. the cd and tuner din input. In other words, does the parallel output of the HDD and AV (which is always on) affect the sound quality of the input of the HDD and AV?

Otherwise I better connect the bluray rca > tuner din? Or rca>rca on e.g. Aux 1? (The idea behind this is that rca (source) > din (nait) is qualitatively better than rca > rca)

Thanks for thinking along!

It’s easy to test for yourself here. Try via one of the DIN inputs then via one of the DIN in/outs. You may hear a tiny difference but you may very well not hear any difference, in which case you’ll have your answer.

Either way, I agree it’s best to go via any DIN input than an RCA phono.

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Hi Richard thank you for your reply.

I will of course make either connection and try to spot any difference, the human ear though (specially mine) is quit a bias instrument.
I was wondering, pure technically, if the constant output signal on the HDD/AV din could “leak” disturbance into the line in signal. The din end of the Chord is a 5 pin play config. l/r/n


I don’t think there should be any issues like “leakage”.

ok, thank you for your help.

Well i just tested the new Chord rca>din on the HDD input and the difference with the same Chord rca>rca on Aux is just amazing. Just wished Naim ever made a blu ray player.

Thanks again for "listening"in!


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