Nait XS 2 issue: Input Button Lights Sequence, Volume Ramps Up/Down, Repeat - Help!

The Naim logo was not lighting so I replaced it and it still does not light. The IR sensor works. Naim USA told me to:

“Depress CD and AV (front panel button only) on power-up. This enters the update mode and resets default settings. Cycle power again to resume normal operation.”

This put the amp into a mode where after power up and start up delay the input lights sequence, then the volume ramps all the way up, then all the way down, then the sequence repeats. The remote appears to have no effect and I have tried cycling the power several times as well as the program button on the remote. I have not been able to get it out of this mode and now they want it sent in for service.

Before I send it in is there anyone on here that knows how to get it back to normal operation?

Thank you!

This sounds like the special soak “function exercise” mode. @NeilS will probably be able to assist you here.

The unit is now in soak mode - press & hold mute while switching on to reset the unit. Best to disconnect speakers first, as this defeats the switch on mute & can cause a thump.


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That was it! Thank you so much, Neil. I will pass this on to Stephano at Focal/Naim America too.

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