Nait XS 2 vs XS 3 technically speaking


Could someone please explain the technical upgrades/improvements that differentiate XS 3 from XS 2?
Other than the obvious phono stage in the XS 3. Power supply, regulators, capacitors, etc?
I’m curious if an XS 2 could be modified to XS 3 at a lesser cost than the difference of selling one to buy the other or if they’re two completely different topologies.
I’m fully aware that this is a long shot as Naim upgrades never come cheap.

One of the most significant changes between 2 and 3 is improvements in the power amp part, something about cascodes and protection circuits I believe.

Naim have never enabled updating from one integrated to another. As the change from 2 to 3 is evolutionary rather than revolutionary - unless you want the phono stage of course - I’d stick with your XS2 or go for the Supernait 3.

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