Nait XS power amp to 102?

Is it possible to use nait XS power amp to connect to a nap 102?

Yes - take the link plug out from the XS and connect a SNAIC4 between the 102 Output 4 pin and the XS power amp in. Make sure the round link plug is in the Output 5 pin (and the Paddle type if no NAPSC) On the 102.

From the manual - When an external preamplifier is connected to the Nait XS power-amp in socket, a fault will initially be indicated by the Nait XS mute button flashing. To clear the fault, press and hold the flashing mute button. This will un-mute the amplifier and turn off the display and volume indicator.

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Thank you, James! Does this mean that the XS internal amp powers the 102?

Yes - there is a single 24v rail on that socket which will power the 102.


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