Nait XS/XS2 compared to Nap 200

Does anyone have any experience with a Nait XS or XS2 and had an opportunity to see if they sound anywhere near a Nap 200 ?, I appreciate it would depend on the preamp supplying the 200, in my system it was a Uniti 2.
Due to a change in situation I am looking for Nap 200 sound characteristics, to drive a pair of PMC 20.23. in a single box solution ( as opposed to pre and power) and the XS/XS2 possibly are on my list.
I had to sell my last set up due a change in circumstances and now have less room to house multiple units, so any help/opinion would be greatly received.

I went from an xs2 to a 202/200 DR last year.

In the demo room I tried an XS2, then a Supernait 2, then the 200. The interesting thing was when I went backwards from 200 to Supernait to XS2; the 200 was clearly better in terms of clarity detail and separation but the XS2 still sounded great and had the naim family sound. The Supernait has a different sound character, a bit warmer, meatier, powerful in sound.

The 200 shines compared to the XS2 on really well recorded music, particularly on vinyl, otherwise the difference is more subtle than I expected.

I’m using pmc twenty5 22s and the XS2 worked well so you should be fine with your 23s.

Thanks for your reply, I must confess to being apprehensive about going to an XS2, I really found the Nap 200 hit my sweet spot, but it is reassuring to know it sounded good.

I had the same experience - in the demo room, I listened to a 202/200 combo, I had an XS/Flatcap at home; the 202/200 was better, but the XS/FC was still very good. In the end I got a Supernait 2 (one box… until, of course, I got a HiCap).

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I indeed have compared the Nait XS2 with a 202/200 combo.
The Nait XS2 probably sounded the most ‘Naim’ like and the audio bounced along. Great feeling of rhythm and pace. It was however with my ATC speakers slightly slow in the bass dynamics.
The NAC/200 combo was tighter, and drove the ATCs better, but was also a little drier… and possibly less enjoyable overall.
However the NAC/200 had better upgrade options and I knew I would be upgrading sooner rather than later so I went with it.
If I build a second stereo system with smallish speakers then the Nait XS2 is definitely on my list… I think it’s a cracking integrated amp, a wonderful bit of kit.


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