Nait XS2 and MiniDSP 2x4HD

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I am new to this forum.
I use a DSP between the Aurender A10 and XS2. I have connected the REL sub to the MiniDSP. The DSP is connected to line level AV input of the XS2. Because of that I have to use the volume control of the Aurender so that main speakers and the sub can be regulate together.

Now the question:

As per above diagram. if I use a 5 din 4 RCA interconnect plugged in to HDD (out /in), can I connect the Line in of the DSP to the HDD out and line out of the DSP to the HDD in?
Then can I use the volume control of XS2 to control the level in to DSP?

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No, you can’t connect rca and din at the same time for the same input, so you can’t connect the aurender via hdd rca and still use the hdd din.

How is it all connected up now? Shouldn’t you be using sub out to the dsp?

Hi Robert

Now it is connected as below. But I need the a/v line level to my a/v receiver. And I need to control volume before DSP so that SUB volume adjusted with main speakers. If possible I would want to avoid MiniDSP volume control, as it has no visual.

If I set Aurender to line level output and adjust the volume with XS2 then I can’t control sub volume.

Is there any possibility to use HDD input as live level with din connector?


There is a line level sub out connection for feeding a sub (or another power amp). There is no processing on this, it’s a 100% untouched line level output, with volume controlled by the nait. Shouldn’t that feed your minidsp? And your sources then connect direct to the nait.

Sorry i forgot to mention. My main speakers are connected XS2 and DSP not only do the crossover but also does the room correction.

I believe the XS2 sub out passes only lower frequencies and I need the whole frequency range to do the room correction. But if it does and sub out of XS2 feed the DSP, where should I connect the output of the DSP? Because I need the XS2 to drive my main speakers.

Is there a possibility to connect the DSP between pre out and the power amp in of the XS2?


The amp will pass the full range signal to the sub. It’s usual for a sub to have a low pass filter (usually adjustable).

No it does the lot.

No you can’t do this. The power amp section of the nait electrically powers the preamp section so you can’t break the signal to another device and then back again. Even if you had say 202/200 it works the same way.

You might have to do this; adding a passive pre gives you a master volume control so you adjust what’s being fed to the minidsp, then the rel sub and nait are just power amps.

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Thanks a lot everybody. It helped me a lot. :+1:t5:

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