Nait XS2 Aux1 No Left Channel

Hi, I have been enjoying my Nait XS2, ND5 XS2 for just over 2 years with no issues, however recently whichever device I connect to the Aux1 loses the left channel, originally this was my phono stage but i have substituted this with my CD player with the same result, the ND5 XS2 is connected using the Tuner Din connector. Sometimes I get 10-15 seconds but no more, and it never recovers, If i switch off and completely disconnect, levave for 10 minutes then re-connect i get the same result or nothing from the left channel, both channels work from the CD input.
Hoping somebody on here has experienced the same issue with a straight forward fix, but I guess this will mean sending back to Naim for repair, not a show stopper as i can use the CD input until i have saved enough for the repair, your help would be much appreciated. Andy.

Do you get one channel only on the aux1 input via headphones too?

Good question, something I had not thought about as I rarely use headphones, just tried and the left channel is the dead using headphones as well.

Have you tried a different interconnect?

Hi, yes, I connected the CD player and its leads from the CD input to Aux1 to discount the source, so not the source and not the interconnects.

Dodgy socket then. If you gently wiggle the DIN plug in the aux1 socket, does the sound come back?

OK, could be a dry joint on the DIN socket - they’re attached directly to the PCB on the NAIT, so can be subject to some stress on the solder joints when connecting and disconnecting. Maybe @NeilS could make any other suggestions.

Ok, thanks, I’ll have a look ,later, how do I remove the outer cover once completely disconnected and on the table, is it the 4 screws by the feet.

Possibly… :thinking:

I doubt you would be able to see anything. As ever I would advise you get your Naim dealer to take a look.

The 5 series kit has a small bolt that secures the fascia top edge to the cover (accessible through a hole in the chassis. This often catches people out. Be careful as the magnesium zinc is quite soft and can easily be dimpled or even broken should you overtighten this bolt. Also, ESD precautions need to be adhered to. And if the unit is under warranty then don’t open at all - let your dealer do this - as you may well void any warranty by opening it up yourself.

Wise words, I’ll leave it to the experts, at least it has been narrowed down and is unlikely to cost a fortune to be repaired. Thank you all for your help.

The minimum repair charge i think is £300-350
thats what replacing a 10p resistor cost me…

If cost is prohibitive, just don’t use the aux1 input.

The DIN sockets are secured to the PCB with screws & the board is PTH, so I think a soldering issue is unlikely, but not impossible.
My money is on the Aux1 input relay.



Hi Neil, thanks for your input, I too did not think it was the RCA connector having a dry joint as it consistently switches off the left channel after ~10 seconds which points to electrical not mechanical. If access to the internals was easier and the relays were plugged in not soldered then it would be worth swapping 2 relays to see if the problem shifted, I will use the CD input RCA’s and save up and find an approved service centre or send to Naim.

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