Nait XS2 AV By Pass

Hi everyone - hope you can answer this one…

I just tried connecting an Atom HE to the XS2 in AV Bypass Mode to see if if sounded different than running through the pre amp. However when I activate the bypass switch the left speaker channel disappears. Am I committing some kind of school boy error?


Are you using a standard 2x rca interconnect, or 2x rca to din input?

Hi it’s 2 Rca to 2 Rca.

Try swapping the channels on the interconnect to see if that’s the issue.

Hi Richard it doesn’t seem to interestingly when I switch the AV Bypass off both channels work perfectly.

@NeilS may have some ideas here.

The AV bypass uses a separate pair of relays, so the fault condition you describe is plausible if one of those AV relays has failed.


Oh dear. Time to ring your dealer redtigga.

thanks Neil I can’t hear any issues when not in AV Bypass. Is it conceivable that would be the case or would this assumption disrupt ‘normal’ usage through the pre-amp?

Hi redtigga,

Yes, if there is a fault with the AV bypass relay (or the drive circuit), it would only have any effect when using the AV input with the bypass switch engaged. Everything else (including the AV input with switch in normal position) would function normally.



Thank you Neil - I will consider whether to get fixed now or later. Many thanks

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Is it still under any warranty? If so then I would get it fixed before the warranty ends.

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Phoned my dealer today and it is still under warranty so getting picked up tomorrow. Not sure how I will cope without it for 2 weeks?!?!?

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