Nait XS2 + Chord Qutest + Bluesound Node 2i vs Uniti Star or ND5XS2

I recently bought Nait XS2 to replace my Hegel H90. I already have a Node 2i that I used in combination with my Hegel H90. I used the DAC of the Hegel instead of the Node’s built in DAC. Since the XS2 doesn’t have a DAC I now use the Node’s internal DAC.
If I buy a Chord Qutest and keep using the Node 2i, what will be my sound quality compared to a Uniti Star or i.e. the NAIT XS2 + ND5XS2?
The Chord seems to be the best option considering I already have a Node 2i but I am curious to the sound quality. I really like the tonal balance and PRAT of the Star (and also of the ND5XS2 for the matter).

Are you happy with the BluOS interface if so how about a used Naim nDac fed by the Node 2i used they go for about £800

Visually the nDac will match the Nait

I’m certainly open for that. I like the BluOS of the node but I love the sound of the Uniti Star. However I don’t wanna sell my Nait XS2 as the Star or Nova are currently out my budget. right now I think the best option is to keep the Node and get a good DAC.
Im just contemplating whether I should go for a Qutest or a Naim DAC. It’s difficult to audition them here in the Netherlands.

Personally I prefer the sound of a Naim DAC but you may prefer the Chord without a home demo it’s a tough one both are excellent DACs.

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I basically only use Tidal for listening to music. Occasionally I use Qobuz or Spotify.

I’ve recently added a ND5XS2 to my Nait XS2 and I’m very impressed with the sound. I’d also say that if you go down that route, bin Tidal and use Qobuz instead. The Tidal HiFi plan is £5 a month more than the Qobuz equivalent and with Qobuz you get access to a lot of hi res files that you don’t with Tidal Hifi, and these hi res files with the ND5XS2 sound fantastic

That’s a shame. I thought they might have harmonised their offerings across Europe by now. In the UK the Studio plan is the only one they offer, Premier and HiFi are no longer available and Studio is a good bit cheaper here than in NL.

Yeah I also just noticed this. How is sound quality of Qobuz vs Tidal?

Nait XS2 + nDAC + Node 2i vs Uniti Star what would be the better sound?

Not heard the Uniti Star but if I had to place a bet the XS2 and nDac would be my runner.

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