Nait XS2 + NAD C658?

I just stumbled on the NAD C658 streamer and I am very impressed with the features of this device. Dirac, MQA and streaming through the Bluesound platform for an incredable interesting price.
I heard the XS2 and liked that sound a lot. If I connect a C658 streamer (it also includes a preamp) to the Nait XS2 will I still get the Naim sound of the Nait? Or is it then the C658 that mostly creates the sound signature?

The result will be unpredictable - the only way to find out is to listen to the combination.

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The NAD would be more at home connected to a power amplifier or active speakers.
Maybe with a NAP200 connected from the balanced pre out with an XLR to DIN cable.

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