NAIT XS2 or SN1 or SN2 or 72/HC/140

Today I have a Qute1 with my ProAc Tablette 10 Signature.
Tomorrow (in fact in 3 weeks) I will have 72/HC/140, and I will put the Qute1 in source.
And a beautifull Fraim Lite (in Balck) will come also !!

I’m asking myself on what is the best for future (for 2020 or 2021 :wink: ).
(the best is for me, a minimum of boxes, maximum of music, best way ti listen to music)

the best choice in my mind is : ND5XS + SN2 (2 boxes, enough power for the little ProAc and good sound)

but what about a ND5XS + XS2 ? or QUTE + SN1/HC ? etc …
or stay with old but lovely (and good) 72/HC/140 + ND5XS ?

is the ND5XS better than the Qute1 in source ?
I have a Spotify premium account for my daughter, and the Qute1 do not have Spotify Connect (even I have the 4.7.0 firmware) and so I must use another box, ChromeCast Audio.

my first source is a QNAP NAS with a lot of FLAC music
so maybe it’s better to keep my money and buy a better streamer as a NDX ?

your opinion is welcome :wink:

Take a look at ND5XS 2 (new or possibly used) with a NAIT XS 2 (used). That should give you the latest streamer capability and a 70 watt amp to power the ProAc Tablette’s. The ND5XS 2 will support Spotify and your NAS and keep your box count down.

I started out with a ND5 XS > NAIT XS 2 with ProAc D2 speakers and loved the combination and think you would enjoy the set up with your ProAc Tablette’s. I was using NAC A5 speaker cable and a Quadraspire Q4EVO Bamboo 3 Shelf Rack as part of the set up as well.

Good luck with your decision.

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