Nait XS2 Serial Number

I’ve just bought a new Nait XS2 to replace my 5si and the serial number starts 47. The serial number list stops at 46 in 2019 so I’m assuming this is one of the few good things to come out of 2020? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it will be from 2020.
At some point, marketing will ask IT for the start/end numbers, and then request the website chap to update it.

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What was wrong with the 5si? For me it is a great integrated, why did you replace it? Explain …

Basically I saw the XS2 at a great price (cheaper than it was going for second hand) and thought I’d give a try as the first upgradable step on the Naim ladder. Nothing more sinister than that I’m afraid.

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Do you mean equal to 5si?

Sorry @anon35986639 I don’t understand your question, is what equal to the 5si?


@anon35986639 again I’m unsure what you mean? Is the XS2 equal to the 5si? I assume you mean how do they compare? Well bear in mind the XS2 only arrived at 10am this morning and I haven’t had any time to seriously listen due to work my first impressions are more space and more solidity. The performance space is bigger and the performers more present within it.
Hope that helps?

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I thought the Nait XS2 was replaced by the XS3 in 2019 according to the product history on the Naim website.

Parts to make an xs2 would not necessarily have been completely exhausted at the factory, even after the introduction of the xs3. So they would build an xs2, offer to dealers at a reduced price, and that saving gets passed on to the end consumer who snaps up “last year’s model” brand new at an advantageous price.


sevenoaks were/ are doing xs2for 1200£!

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£1,300 but yes that’s where it came from.

That’s an incredible price for a New XS2. I’ve had mine for 18 months and couldn’t be happier, it’s a fabulous amplifier. Enjoy. :blush:


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