Nait XS2 with Flatcap XS


My system consists of
DAC V1, Nait XS2 and Flatcap XS, with martin logan motion 35xt speakers.

Without flatcap, the sound was very fast and punchy
With flatcap there is more base, which brings a little bigger sound stage but the sound is slower, less punchy and less accurate.

Is this right? Maybe someone with similar setup can share his own experience with flatcap?

(I’ve read multiple threads on forum, but couldn’t find anyone describing the difference)

As you make improvements, things can sound slower. This is because the music is laid out more clearly rather than coming at you in a rush. I’m not sure what you mean by less accurate; maybe you could explain. How do you know what accurate sounds like? Does a piano now sound less like a piano?

Rather than worrying about bass and soundstage, focus on musical enjoyment. Just listen to music with the Flatcap for a week. Then take it out. Do you miss it? Or does it now sound better? That’s a sure way of knowing if an upgrade really is an upgrade.

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To expand on HH’s correct assessment, the same is often said when people move from a 282 to a 252. But the most accurate analogy I know of is this:

When you look out the window of a moving train, your brain knows you are moving fast because what your eyes see is blurred as it moves by. You still see and recognise telegraph poles and trees etc. Conversely as it slows, it is less blurry and you can make out details like types of trees, wires running up poles and so on. Your brain knows this indicates you are travelling slower. Fast things blur. Slow things don’t.

Audible input is much the same. When smeared, your brain tells you it is played fast. When it is suddenly clearer your brain interprets that as being played slow. At least in the beginning until you get used to it.


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