Nait XS3’s MM phonostage

It is noted that the XS3’s MM phonostage is “suitable for 5mV cartridges”. What does this exactly mean?

a) MM cartridges should have a maximum output of 5mV? What if the MM cartridge is rated to have over 5mV of output? Is this bad for the phonostage? Will the cartridge overload or damage the phonostage?


b) MM cartridges should at least have an output rated 5mV in order to have sufficient gain?


c) Some other explanation that I don’t know? :thinking:

I think it’s just saying that the gain is perfect for a MM of 5mV output, which is pretty much average for the wide gamut of MM cartridges out there, i.e. widely compatible.

No, the overload threshold is likely high enough to encompass even the highest output MMs. And if a MM cart has lower output then you may just need to nudge the volume control up slightly.


Thanks, Richard.

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