Nait XS3 to flatcap xs leads

Just got myself a flatcap xs and know I need two leads and have a couple of ?

  1. I have read the thread about identifing snaic leads. just to make sure I need 1 5pin to 5pin with the green band, and 1 4pin to 4pin with the white band.
    I`ve come across 4pin to 4pin with a green band is this different to the 4pin to 4pin with white band?
  2. When I have all connected up do I need to power both from the mains electric or just the flatcap, and do they need to be powered up in a certain order e.g. flatcap then xs?

You’ll need a SNAIC4 and a SNAIC5. For info on how to ID genuine Naim SNAICs, see the thread in the FAQ;

You’ll need both units powered up (the Flatcap just powers the pre-amp section). Power up the Flatcap first and keep them powered for best performance.

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