Nait XS3 with HCDR

Quick question from a mate who is about to upgrade his Nait XS3 with a Hicap DR.

The connection guide shows the Snaic5 that comes with the Hicap connecting to the XS3 but also shows another signal connection between the HC and the Nait. Which cable is required for this second connection? I’m not familiar with the integrated amp connections.

Many thanks all

Snaic 4. Just as it was in this, posted an hour ago! Snaic connections

You need a 00-010-0063. Thats a 4 pin snaic. £189 rrp by my price list.

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Thanks Robert,

Chasing one down now.

Doesn’t the HCDR come with the supplied cables when purchased new?

The HICAP comes with the cable that will be required whatever the piece you connect it to; a SNAIC 5. In the case of a NAIT you’ll also require a SNAIC4 so you can take signal back into the amp. This is isn’t required when you use a HICAP on a pre-amp as the signal lead to the amp is included with the amp.

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So the HiCap is supplied with a Snaic 5, but is not supplied with a Snaic 4. Got it. Thanks!

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