Nait1/Nac 32.5 textured Control Knob

I have just bought a replacement for my 32.5 and it has no grub screw and it has a flattened insert and wondered if there a difference between the two? (Nait 1 and 32.5)

IMG_0942 by Jon Moody, on Flickr


Wow, this is the first time I haven’t had an answer to a question.

Hi Faux, yes that is a Nait 1 knob to suit the D shaft of the volume pot.
The 32 knobs have an insert & grub screw to secure to the round shafts.

That’s the only difference, from the front they are identical.



Thank you Neil

Does anyone know where I can get. 32.5 version?


Very hard to find. Keep an eye on the usual auction places. FWIW, I’ve been looking for one (late style NAC32.5 knob) for a few years now as the white marker on the volume knob on one of my NAC32.5s is a little worn…


Thank you Richard
Not really what I wanted to hear but assumed as much.

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Is it possible that the non grub screw version is an upgraded part. I read something about the little screws vibrating and possibly affecting the Sonics?

I’m not sure about this, the pot shafts are round (not D shaped as on the Nait 1) so the knob would slip, it needs something to fix it in place.

Wrap a couple of turns of tape around the shaft & push knob on.

Should create a tight fit & be easy to pull off again if required?

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