NAIT5 as preamp to NAP200DR?

I know. Sounds a bit unbalanced and I’d probably be better off buying an XS3 to replace the 5.

But have you tried it? Want to share your thoughts?

I’ve not done it but somebody here will probably have done so.

It sort of depends if you can see yourself with a NAC202/ NAP200DR one day. If so, it matters little whether you add the NAP or the NAC to your Nait 5 first. For instance you might have a stonking deal on a NAP200DR right now.

I’m not sure that many would advocate Nait 5/ NAP200DR as a alternative to a Nait XS3, since (from what I read) the quality of the preamp is so much higher in the XS3.

I’m being a cheapskate… wondering how close I could get to 202/200 without actually buying one. NAIT 5 from 2002, which I might have read (can’t for the life of me remember where) actually has a reasonably good preamp section, certainly (?) better than the later ‘budget’ 5’s. It has the star-earth circuit board, which you otherwise only get 202 up… unless I’m imagining it! It would give it the benefit of a DR power supply anyway.

If nothing else the NAIT needs a service. Volume control misbehaving. Again.

I did a long comparative demo way back when and preferred 112 / Nait 5 to Nait 5 / 150. 112/150 was better again.

Depends where you’re planning on ending up and what deals take you in the right direction.

Best thing to do with a NAIT5 is to add a Flatcap2 (preferably serviced, after so long). That’s a much better upgrade than just adding a bigger power amp.

Beyond that, a pre-amp upgrade will bring greater gains than a bigger power amp.

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Seconded, it’s how I ran mine until I could afford to move to 112x/150x.
Plus it powered my CD5 too, great 3 box system. I sort of miss it.

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