Nait5i untiy gain strange question?

I have a Nait 5i. I also temporarily have a spare 82 and hicap. Could I use the Nait 5i as a power amp utilising the unity gain input and the correct cabling from the 82 ouput?

Yes you can.

20.3 AV Integration (Unity Gain)

The Unity Gain function enables an audio-visual processor to be integrated with the NAIT 5i such that its volume control takes over command of signals connected the amplifier’s AV input.

To select unity gain, first switch the NAIT 5i into program mode as described in Paragraph 20.2. The AV input button will illuminate if unity gain is already enabled. If it is not enabled it can be activated by pressing the handset panel AV button. Deselect unity gain by again pressing the key or the AV button. Unity gain only becomes operational or is cancelled on exiting from program mode by pressing and holding the handset prog key or front panel.


The unity gain feature must be used with care. It effectively by-passes the NAIT 5i volume control leaving any signal connected to the unity gain input to be passed to the power amplifier and speakers at full volume. Additionally, if an input is selected which has unity gain enabled, the volume handset functions will be disabled and their indicators will turn off. This will be flagged by the volume indicator flashing if its handset keys are used.

Thanks. I thought it could but wanted to check that there was no incompatibility with the signal from the 82 output. Of course the simpler thing would be to wait for a suitable olive amp to turn up :slight_smile:

You’ll just be feeding in a preamp signal to the 5i. It won’t know if it’s a Yamaha home cinema amp or an 82, and will simply amplify whatever it’s getting. Start low volume and you’ll be fine!

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