Nakamichi cr7

Hi Naim fans not been on here for about 10 years so is Richard Dane still on here my Nakamichi tape deck is playing up hopefully he see this kind regards terry Franks

Hi Terry, welcome back to the (new) Naim forum. So what’s the problem with your CR-7?

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Hi and good morning Richard my cr7 don’t play and stops and rev don’t work either

Hi Terry, are the reels turning at all?

Curiosity. Do BW still service Naks?


Yes, they are turning? If so, that’s good, as these Sankyo Naks have a habit of getting dead motors (a flat spot).

Are both the capstans turning?

Yes, Paul Wilkins at B&W recently serviced my ZX-9. Due to very high demand it took a while, but he did a brilliant job.

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Yes I will probably have to have it service Richard how much dose it cost please if ok to ask

I recently asked B&W about a service on my 582 which has been in the loft for a number of years (about 20 years I think). They said they need to see it to be able to give me a price estimate but normally they would expect between £300 and £400 depending on the spares it needed.

I was going to service it and then sell it but as I can see that just-serviced ones are for sale on eBay for about the cost of servicing, I will probably Instead just take it to the dump sometime.

Or more likely it will stay in the loft until one of my daughters pays someone to chuck it in a skip after my wife and I have both been recycled ourselves!



Who needs any Nakamitchi tapes those days,every burner or file sound better…i had in the 80s a Nakamitchi was good for those days compared to other tapes not anymore..only if people are missing to the past a young man Im missing to be again

Well I like the old tape decks like Richard for a real old experience good old fashioned decks at there best


They did my Dragon a while back – expensive, but well worth it! It sounds fab!


Tapes i remember them and sunday nights recording the top 40, also remember my awia 3 head deck and having to sometimes get a pencil and use it to wind in the tape.

David, I know the 582 wasn’t one of the very best, but it would be almost criminal to take it to the dump. I’m sure there are lots of enthusiasts who’d be grateful to take it off your hands…

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IIRC the service on my ZX-9 came to just under £500, although that included replacement of some of the capacitors which are known to go noisy.

David, don’t do that! The 582 is a fab bit of kit (it was used as a reference by the tape makers and reviewers until the ZX-9 arrived) and well worth selling on - even a non-working one is worth £150-250 and you’ll have no end of keen purchasers.

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When i had my CR-7E about 30 years ago, just out it’s guarantee it wouldn’t go into play mode. My dealer sent it to B&W for repair and they did a service which i didn’t ask for, but they did it anyway. They replaced the motor that puts it into play mode. They said that there was a bad batch of them at that time that were put into the machines when they were made. To this day it’s still working just fine.

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Well thanks for all your reply’s and yes it will be going to bowers and Wilkins for a service when this pandemic is over kind regards terry

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