Nap 100 and Nac A5 cables


I got myself Naim nap 100 awhile ago. Recently I bought myself Naca A5 cables for that. Seems so that the original fitted banana (amp end) plugs doesn´t align to the amplifier banana posts of the Naim amplifier. help much appreciated!

No they don’t, but if you have the plugs that came with the amp you might be able to swap over the bodies. The alternative is just to remove the bodies and use without.

The NAP100 uses the slightly narrower spacing of the plugs that were introduced with the n-Vi. They are also used on the UnitiQute and Star. Your NAP100 should have had a pair of the connectors included. The actual pins themselves are the same though so, you could just remove them from the SA8 plastic shell and use them that way (you may wish to apply some heat shrink to them though), or else re-solder onto the smaller plugs.

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I would just add to the advice above, that you should give a little thought to the location of the amp, and where the cable runs will go. Bearing in mind that Naim, in their wisdom, put the L terminal on the R, and the R terminal on the L, you need to cross the cables over, in particular if the amp will be in between the speakers. This may mean that the right angled plugs you have, even once you’ve removed the black plastic cover, wouldn’t sit well, so you may be better off replacing them.
If you decide to use the supplied Naim plugs that Richard shows above, they are a bitch to solder, so a pair of decent nickel plated Deltron plugs might be a better bet - or get a dealer who is good at soldering NACA5 to do it for you.

If you remove the black case and then bend the wires so they are straight rather than at 90 degrees to the pins, the existing connections will work fine. Two minutes and it’s all done.

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Has to be the stupidest fail ever. Different plugs layout for different products? Get me the production guys ASAP

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The smaller boxes have very limited space available. Naim didn’t produce different plugs with different spacing just for the hell of it.

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