Nap 100 Mains Cable?

Hi there,

Any recommendations for a mains cable upgrade for the Nap 100 around a £250 budget?

I don’t have the power line lite for it but thinking do I just buy one or will paying a bit more money on a cable get the amp performing better?


The NAP100 is a good little amp, but I don’t think spending up to £250 on a new mains cable is going to give you a big improvement. If you can borrow one to try then that would be the best way to find out.


I put a ‘lower end’ Titan Audio mains cable on my napsc - gave the sound a little bit of a lift (have their cables on all my kit).
Had a friend (qualified electrician) make a good star earthed block to put all my cables into, that gave the biggest uplift; if you haven’t got one of those (Titan do one, & not too much £) I can recommend getting one.

Thanks for the feedback, yes I have looked and read a bit about titan power cables, will dig deeper and see were it takes me.


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My NAP100 was only £350 s/h, love it, but wouldn’t spend big money on a mains cable. Posher pre-amp/speaker cables, yes :grinning:

Have a look at the Grahams Hydra… :thinking:

Designed for use with Naim kit - and gives Star Earthing.

Ok will do look into it thanks

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