Nap 140, 200 or 250 with Nac 72?

Hi, I have a question. I must to change my Nap 90 and I don’t know what to do!! Help me!

Well if you chose the 250, you’ll need a Hi-Cap too. A bit more info on why you want to change and the rest of your system would be useful .

Hi, the rest of the system consists of an Ariston Rd40 CD turntable Naim NAC 72 HiCap Kef Speakers Reference Series Model 107.2

If you have the money I’d get the hicap and nap 250, which will cost you under 1500 in top condition. Otherwise get the hicap first, and then do the power amp upgrade.

I am happy with my 72/hi/140 all in serviced too condition.

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Thank you

Dottie Turnable Aristo Rd40 and CD Naim CDI

Ah ok - didn’t you ask the same question on the thread you started a couple of days ago ?

I want to change because I think that the Nap 90 is not the best.

Yes but I’m undecided on these three, I like the depth and breadth of the acoustic scene.

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