NAP-140 to drive ATC Speakers (SCM-7)

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Want to ask, is there anybody here using NAP-140 to drive ATC loudspeakers ?
I see that ATC is difficult to drive with low wattage amplifier, but I often see that Naim is best pair also with ATC.
I see that ATC SCM-7 version 2 have only 84 dB sensitivity which means want big power amplifier to drive it.
ATC SCM-7 version 3 is a little bit higher in sensitivity that has 85 dB sensitivity

my quaestion is :
is there anybody here using Naim NAC-140 to drive ATC speaker and what degree of volume knob usually positioned ?

thank you

If I am right, this means 85 dB volume at 1 watt. So I can’t see that it would struggle, after all how loud do you want it.

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How far away do you plan to listen to the speakers? 85db for 1 watt is at 1 meter. Rule of thumb, every time you double the distance, you hear a quarter of the sound level. Another rule of thumb would be that the level decreases by 6dB every time you double the distance.

Do a google search for “Understanding speaker sensitivity” and you will probably find an article that explains most of it and also offer a calculator to plug in your own relevant values for amplifier, distance, and speaker. Combine this with looking for examples of db values you find for example that “Over 85 dB for extended periods can cause permanent hearing loss.”! The ATC SCM-7 are rated for maximum 103 db.

This is not all there is about how amplifiers drive speakers, and I’m certainly no expert, but it should give you a start to get to grips with what the speakers in question can do with your amplifier. I’m sure other forum members can fill in further details, or even have the experience of the exact combination of speakers and amplifier you would like to have.



I have seen reports that the SCM11 is easier to drive though I have not done the comparison myself. Might be worth trying?


I have heard the SCM7s driven by a NAIT XS3 and fronted by an NDX2 at my dealer. Not quite the same thing as a NAP140, especially since the context of your enquiry is unknown. But nonetheless, they sounded very good to me.

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My habit of listening to average musk is loudest at the volume at 8 o’clock, does the SCM7 with a sensitivity of 84/85 dB and using the NAP-140 require even greater volume playback for example at 9 o’clock or so? I tested the NAP-140 using the Bowers and Wilkins BM 601S3 and DM805, at 8 o’clock is enough for me, will driving the SCM-7 take more effort than the NAP-140?

It really depend on what preamp, room size and wanted SPL.


Pre Amp using NAC-62
Room size is small about 3x3 m
SPL : I can’t measure in dB, but usually, I am using Marantz 1250 and enough for 8 o’clock knob position

Actually I forgot the most variable, in what preamp knob position, are source, so your question is not easy to answer.
As I recall I didn’t get much higher than 9-10 with my deck and CD-player.

usually I put on 8 o’clock as on this picture , but I can’t tell in dB…

The Nap140 will be perfectly fine at 8 or 9 o’clock with the SCM7. Just ensure that it has been serviced in the last 10 years.

Hope this helps, BF


thank you, very happy to hear this

My friends have the HTS on the wall version of the SCM 7 powered by a Unitilite and the system sounds great to me . It never feels underpowered or stretched in any way . Just a nice , neat and fun system.


I power my SCM7 v3s with a Nait 5si. In a small room it’s a great sounding setup! I’ve toyed with the idea of a bigger amp but it’s probably overkill in the room I’m using the system in


how much output power of Unilite ?

Please google Naim Audio Unitilite.

50WPC into 8Ω, 75WPC into 4Ω

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Plenty .

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same as NAP 140 I think

I have the NAC 62, HICAP and NAP 140 and am pleased, and have been pleased since the late 1980’s.

No upgraditus in this household, simple contentment with my (hifi) lot.

(Also, no funds to think otherwise…but I do not think I would be more content with upgrades anyway)

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